Carry the bike proudly on your chest! Our new limited edition collection for all lovers of the human-powered two-wheeler is here.

It is what it looks like

Sometimes when developing new designs, we think outside the box so often that we lose ourselves. The claim to give birth to something particularly clever is sometimes not so smart when in the end we are the only ones who understand the idea behind it. But: We are capable of learning and sometimes force ourselves to think banally.  

Fahrrad Pullover reflektierend grau, Busverkehr

Actually almost negligent that it took us so long to give this motif the attention it deserves. The implementation is obvious: Reflective + Bicycle = Reflective Bicycle. the Kollektion could not describe the core of our company better.

And hopefully you too will find a favorite piece that fits your lifestyle and describes what you love and what you are passionate about. Or you just think the design is beautiful. The true belief is in the person wearing the clothes, but there's no shame in making a statement. Especially when it comes across as pretty. 

Fahrrad Motiv T-Shirt, weiß, mit Tool


You, who are committed cyclists through and through, are happy to show it. That you cycle! For your health. For a better climate. For a more livable city.

So why not wear a statement proudly on your chest?

Here you go! Our "BICYCLE Collection". For all lovers of the well-groomed bike.


Fahrrad Rucksack, reflektierend, City, Bike Packing

Eberhard Schilling