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Individual stickers and foils for better visibility in traffic

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Stylish accessories that combine the beautiful with the useful

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Reflective stickers

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I am noticed much earlier in the dark. Just awesome. I'm completely satisfied, great, it won't be my last bike with the reflective strips.
— Sascha Kneuer
Customer reviews
Thanks to the sticker set, the old bike now shines in a new look. The pasting has become almost addictive.
— Tilman Engel
Customer reviews
The first stickers have been on our cargo bike since August 2020. Nobody has fallen off yet. Only problem, I have no reason to put on a new design because nothing wears off and everything sticks like the first day 😅;)
— Anna-Maria
Customer reviews
I absolutely love the stickers! They are easy to apply, almost invisible in the light (black on black) and super reflective in the dark! I didn't need all the stripes and was able to stick the rest on a second bike.
— Johannes
Customer reviews
Wow! Ich bin begeistert. Mein Fahrrad sieht jetzt nicht nur super aus, ich fühle mich im Dunklen auch besser sichtbar.
Super Idee, super umgesetzt, toller persönlicher Service - weiter so!
— Heike Wurtinger

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We take care of your visibility in the dark.
With high-quality reflective accessories that match your style. Road safety and attractive design are not mutually exclusive. Produced regionally, fairly and sustainably.

Social Responsibility

Health-promoting environmental conditions and a fairer society are no coincidence. Our impact may be limited, but we are committed to thinking about sustainability and inclusivity in our choices wherever we can.

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Creative Corner

We have created a place of mutual inspiration that makes the DIY heart beat faster. Be inspired by our video tutorials and create your very own reflective artworks! Show them to the community and enter the digital Hall of Fame! The best submissions not only receive recognition, but also tangible prizes.

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