Social responsibility


As a proud member of the global movement 1% For The Planet , we contribute to the funding of ecological initiatives by providing one percent of our total annual income for certified environmental projects. In the firm belief that together we can achieve more, we joined the altruistic network of over 5,000 companies and individuals in more than 60 countries in 2022. More than US$ 360 million has already been used worldwide for initiatives that are passionate about making our planet a better place. 
There is no planet B.

Promotion of Sustainable Mobility

We are and will remain enthusiastic cyclists. This is the reason for our corporate purpose, the core of what we do. Consequently, we see the promotion of cycling as an essential part of the mobility transition. Not least for reasons of climate protection, there is no getting around this. We are a supporting member of Changing Cities e.V., an independent association that is committed to exactly such topics, and we support other projects such as "Berlin Autofrei". Bicycle is retro, but it is also the future!

GCD - Good Cause Discount

Non-profit initiatives that work for a good cause are rarely among the financially strong institutions. Therefore, we grant discounts on our products and services, not only for organizations that are formally certified as non-profit, but also when we can - quite subjectively - recognize the meaningful approach. Prices are never set in stone!

Sustainability in everyday life

Sustainability is more than packaging made from waste paper. We subject all of our everyday processes to constant monitoring with regard to their resource consumption. Small animals make crap too! examples? OK. We can map most of our production steps in and around Berlin. Means short transports, and they take place by cargo bike, we don't have a company car. Green electricity is clear anyway. We try to avoid plastic and outer packaging as much as possible. By the way, it is also sustainable to maintain a trusting relationship with your business partners. This avoids unnecessary transaction costs and nasty surprises. We know that the production of reflective materials is unfortunately not the most environmentally friendly. We can't change much about that (yet). But we can ensure that our products are very durable. And the nice thing about the principle of reflection: Doesn't need any energy, always works!

Solidaricorn & Visibee

Our mascots have dedicated themselves to specific goals. We launched the "Solidaricorn" at the beginning of the first lockdown during the Corona pandemic and have now established it permanently. We donate the proceeds from the sticker sales of this product to various civil society initiatives. The "Visibee" is our reflective give-away especially for kids. Projects dedicated to children's road safety education are welcome to apply for a batch of free Visibees.