Whether you're pimpin your city bike, mountain bike, racing bike, helmet, scooter, cargo bike, hand bike or pram. We'd love to see your creative and inspiring submissions.


Want to see your design in the Reflective Hall of Fame?

Then do the following:

Send us pictures

Email: Email your images to gallery@reflective.berlin
Instagram: Post your work on Instagram and link it @reflective.berlin
Website: Upload your pictures directly as an attachment to your product rating


Several times a month we post selected submissions in our insta strories.

At the end of the month we will let you vote for which submission you like best. It's up to you who wins prizes and is immortalized in the gallery.

Win prizes

If you are chosen as the winner of the month, we will give you a package of reflective products incl. Voucher that you can redeem in our entire web shop.

If you even beat the other 11 winners at the end of the year, a really big prize awaits.

Award-winning submissions

Our hearts warm up when we see how creative and inventive you are with our stickers.
Here are some examples from the past that have also convinced our community and have been immortalized as a result.