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Ready to embroider? We want to see your results! Make it into our digital Hall of Fame and win exclusive products at the same time!

A construction kit

Your results are often unique and go beyond our imagination. It's quite big, but then you come and put stickers on your e-scooter. Or hand bike. Or caravan. Or or. A central basic rule when creating new designs follows the idea of leaving as much space as possible for individual creative development. You do that really well.

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We put together a range of do-it-yourself basic building blocks that you can modulate individually and combine into something unique. Your desire for idea templates and Tutorials we'll be happy to follow you, but we'll be all the happier if you turn off in a completely different direction. 

The secret message

Your creativity is incredibly inspiring. We can read needs from this and incorporate them into our product development. So it's no wonder we're so keen to see your results. After all, we want to solve problems and we can identify them better that way. If we notice what's bothering you, we can respond better.

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Since we have integrated a rating system with the possibility to upload photos into our webshop, we finally get a much better insight into what you do with our products. We are very happy about that. It's refreshing to see which objects you stick on, how you go about it and what the end result is. Reflective scooters, colorful cargo bikes, reflective stickers as textile patches, decorated mudguards on city bikes or even a luminous sulky. Can't we think of any better!

More of this please!

We want to see something like that. Send us more such application pictures! Tag us on social media (@reflective.berlin) or upload the images to the corresponding product page in our online shop. There, where you can also record your evaluation for posterity, you will find the possibilities to do so.

Example Reviews

Potential interested parties with any reservations will thank you. There are no bad results and we can't shoot as many product images as there are possible applications. Inspire others with your creativity!

Big sweepstakes

In the end, it might even be worth it for you. Because we repost the best submissions in our newly established Hall of Fame on instagram, which you can find in our story highlights. All those whose pictures can be found there automatically take part in our big raffle at the end of the year. Then we'll make another big splash and sprinkle nice things patronizingly among the committed people. So you!


By the way, your pictures don't have to look professional by any means, but e.g. convey a good idea of what you had in mind when you were embroidering. Or show in a situation that illustrates the benefits of the products. We also like crazy things. So don't be shy, open our eyes and secure your place in the REFLECTIVE Hall of Fame!

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