Ok, we're participating in the big "Black Friday" sale, but we're turning the tables. You still get delicious discounts, but at the same time you support a good cause. 

There, but different

The "Black Friday" tempts not only in the USA, but also in this country to the big consumer frenzy. In fact, Black Friday, the origin of the name of which cannot really be explained conclusively, is one of the busiest days of the year. The idea of stocking up on Christmas presents before the great end-time panic breaks out is becoming more and more fruitful every year.

Black REFLECTIVE Friday Swirl

do we join? We discussed the question in the team and finally answered yes. But in a slightly modified form. We don't want to lure you with random pseudo discounts, but rather use the momentum to use your increased willingness to spend for a good cause. That's why we came up with the "16+16" campaign.

16 + 16?

Our monetary incentive to buy for Friday is easy to explain: we are reducing everyone black Sticker variants in our shop by 16%. This corresponds to the local VAT rate. We still have to pay these off, but not only the tax office should get something, but also another non-profit association. *tearsofjoysmiley

World Bicycle ReliefBild: World Bicycle Relief

We donate another 16% of the sales that you bring us through the campaign to the "World Bicycle Relief". The international aid organization creates mobility by delivering bicycles in rural areas with a focus on Africa to give people better access to education, health and work.

World Bicycle Relief

The Chicago-based organization has already delivered more than half a million bicycles. Of course, the work of the WBR does not stop there, because the core of modern development cooperation is sustainable help for self-help. Mechanics who can service and repair the bikes, for example, are trained on site.

World Bicycle Relief Mechaniker

The Bicycles for Educational Empowerment Program (BEEP) is probably the most important part of the work, designed to enable students, and especially female students, to participate in classes that are often many miles from home and otherwise only accessible on foot. Get your own impression of the project: https://vimeo.com/481704808

134€ for a bike

Maybe with your help we will be able to do so much on Black REFLECTIVE Friday that we can transfer €134 to WBR in the end. That's the amount needed to fund one of the Buffalo bikes that will be used on site. You have to set goals, don't you?! Wouldn't it be cool?

Eberhard Schilling