We liked the approach of linking classic sales campaigns to a good cause. So we go after ours Black REFLECTIVE Friday into the next round and introduce you to our "REFLECTIVE Advent Calendar - Edition AUTOFREI".

The advent calendar

Similar to last year, we formed 24 dazzling deals. In addition to individually compiled bundles, freebies and selective discounts, we occasionally introduce new products that we hand out to you on that day at quasi trial prices. Definitely worth it. So always nice stay tuned!

REFLECTIVE Adventskalender: Edition Autofrei

And: We looked around a bit in our sphere of influence for inspiring small companies and asked who would like to contribute cool giveaways. Whereby "Give-Away" is almost an insult for the lovingly produced and partly limited items that we have made available to you. We're talking local liquor that's already widely sold out, artistic screen prints, and card games for the whole family. In any case, we looked a bit outside the box.

Berlin car-free

And what good cause are we talking about now? A network of volunteer Berliners has been working on preparations for a referendum with the since last year The aim is to drastically reduce car traffic in downtown Berlin. Motorized private transport actually takes up a disproportionately large amount of space and has robbed us of the idea of what streets and public spaces could look like if cars were at most only tolerated guests there.

Berlin Autofrei Illustration

Illustration: Berlin car-free

Anyone who thinks that this is a radical approach ignores the fact that the majority of all city dwellers have long wanted more sustainable forms of mobility, which are reflected, for example, in an expansion of the local public transport network and a better cycling infrastructure. 

For more quality of life

We will all benefit from an improved quality of life, even if it hurts some drivers among us at first. We can get used to anything, as the pandemic impressively shows. We firmly believe that fewer cars make life better.

That's why we route 10% of our revenue through the Adventskalender an Berlin Autofrei further to support their work with a small financial boost. So thanks to you too for working with us on a sustainable change in urban mobility!

Eberhard Schilling