Do you remember that from before? Arrows made of broken sticks and painted chalk showed the way to the target. In addition to beating pots and running eggs, the scavenger hunt is part of every good children's birthday party. 

4 hiding spots, 4 prizes

We want to awaken your thirst for adventure and have therefore organized a little treasure hunt in a similar style for you. For this we have cycled the Berlin Wall Cycle Path and have a total of four in more or less exposed places Solidaricorns hidden, each containing a code. Each of these 4 codes has the equivalent of one of our new ones Reflective BIKE Kits and you can redeem it directly in our online shop or give us the code in another way. 

Only the first will be successful!

Mauerradweg Waldstück

Ready? Steady! Go!

The overview map gives you a rough idea of where the hiding places are. Once you've made your way to the region, look out for a Solidaricorn sticker that should be visible from the bike path. This tells you that you are already pretty close to the hiding place. From here, the instructions in our directions will help you to get to your destination.Schatzkarte Schnitzeljagd

Sticker Versteck 1


Like a monument on stilts, it hovers in front of its actual element, because the object doesn't normally belong there. At least you have thereby the opportunity to inspect the vehicle a little more closely from the underside. 

Sticker Versteck 2


More of a turret than a tower, but the ruin looks good in the park. The treasure is at the bottom of the 2 steps leading to the dungeon

Sticker Versteck 3


You don't have to be a great climber to get in, but short people definitely have it easier than tall ones. The house was finally built for them. Wriggle in and examine all the cracks.

Sticker Versteck 4


The hardest-to-reach hideout of all. Follow the footpath north along the small bay to the place where a boulder lies in the water to get to a small higher place. Here you can see a tree with a branch cut open in the middle. To see it up close, you'll have to climb a bit, willy-nilly.


On your marks! Finished! The!
Solidaricorn Hint Sticker Hunt


Eberhard Schilling
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Ich habe das Solidaricon in Nieder Neuendorf gefunden. Aber wo soll der Code sein?

— Andreas Pomorin