While in some federal states the holidays are just beginning, elsewhere school starts again at the beginning of August. In order to give the countless children more visibility on their way to class, we have a special one product bundle laced with many small reflectors-helpers.

Safe2School Bundle

The reflective accessories should not only be fun for the kids, but also offer the greatest possible flexibility in use. Hence the "Safe2School BUNDLE" A combination of great reflective accessories for school bags, clothing, bikes and helmets in the form of badges, stickers and patches.

Kinderfahrrad & Helm, Spielplatz

Our brand new Reflective BUTTONS you can easily attach it to your school bag and gym bag and make it visible from all sides. Also included in the package are our ultra-high reflective ones, a favorite of all ages STICKIES, which adhere to all textiles and are therefore also ideal for jackets, shoes and bags. As the third product in the bunch, our playful ones decorate Reflective KID Stickers smooth surfaces such as the children's bike and helmet. So your kids are super equipped for the twilight and also have fun.

safety and fun

Boys, girls and parents will find joy in six different themes with a wide variety of colours, motifs and designs. There are e.g. Piraten, unicorns and sea animals. As a promotion for the start of school, we are offering the extensive sets at a price of €29.

Kind mit Skateboard und reflektierendem Zubehör

Enjoy the holidays and come safely to school when the time comes again!

Eberhard Schilling
Tagged: Schulstart