who a custom bike if you want it, it's not easy. Matt black city bikes make up the vast majority in stores, road bikes are covered with an exaggerated amount of lettering, and the choice of colors in general is rather meager. Just don't risk too much... Understandable, because no manufacturer wants to offer umpteen color combinations that nobody will buy afterwards.

Singlespeed mit bunter Folie

3 Reflective Bicycles

Do it Yourself!

For those who want to do it themselves, there are now a few options to choose from. A new powder coating Paint for example. That's expensive: take the bike apart, take it to the painter, pick it up and put everything back together. You can lose 400-500 euros quickly. Alternatively, you can also do it yourself with a spray can or brush. Rarely does this look really cool because it's a sophisticated affair. And: Undoing is then no longer possible. So what to do?

Our answer is now rather less surprising: stickers naturally! This has many advantages: no disassembly, endless choice of shape and color, residue-free removal. And if the stickers also serve as effective safety reflectors, all the better. For us, reflective films have long been the measure of all things.

Fahrrad mit Stickern designen

The WOW effect

In 2014 we put our first fully reflective bike into action in a backyard in Kreuzberg. That was clever drudgery: removing bicycle parts (improperly), if necessary with a pipe wrench, and then scraping the paint off the frame with a pocket knife. Cut the valuable film by hand and meticulously stick it on your desk at home. Again and again.

The purest test of patience and nerves the whole thing, but the result was WOW! A black bicycle is standing in front of us and we take the one photo with the cell phone camera with the flash switched on, which sets everything in motion. I still remember exactly how much the effect fascinated us. In fact, he still does to this day.

schwarzes Fahrrad, CLASSIC, reflektierend

Now you can too!

Today, 6 years later, we finally give you a toolbox with which you can transform your entire bike into a unique work of art yourself. „Reflective BIKE" is the name of the piñata, in which technical know-how, manual tricks and tricks, and a huge wealth of experience in dealing with reflective materials and bicycles are bandled. Your wishes and feedback on user-friendliness have always had top priority. A modulares Sticker Kit, which your bike in 10 steps transformed into a collector's item designed according to your wishes.

Reflective Bikes by REFLECTIVE BERLIN

We realize that at first glance the task may seem difficult, if not impossible, but we can rest assured that you are a grandiose unique will stick! One that will make your ears perk up. We've put a lot of effort into making several videos in which you can look over our shoulder and give you valuable tips and tricks along the way. This guarantees that even inexperienced hobbyists will be successful! And besides, there is no wrong or right here.

Tutorials and practical tips

Our approach of creating the most variable possible uses is also evident in the Reflective BIKE Kits. In order to show that the clever sticker kits can be used for all kinds of bicycles and different frame geometries, we have collaborated with friendly manufacturers from Berlin, whose models are shaped a bit differently than usual. The results of the joint ventures e.g Schindelhauer and Urban Drivestyle are truly to be seen, as you can attest for yourselves.

Now it should finally be clear how flexibly you can use the BIKE kits. Ultimately, the following applies: YOU are the creators, YOUR creativity and YOUR spontaneity are in demand! We just give you the right tool kit.

4 designs, 3 colors

The first sticker kits have already been weeded and the new packaging is almost ready. Our step-by-step instructions, in which we put a lot of brain power, have gone to press and the first two video tutorials - as you can easily see above - are already online.

About the designs: We start with 4 very cool patterns, as we find: Bold, Cathedral, Flow and Mosaic. Each comes in a variety of color themes, which to start with means: black, white, and a colorful variant.  

BOLD (black, white, rainbow)

Reflective BIKE Bold, all colors

CATEDRAL (camo, black, white)
Reflective BIKE Cathedral, all colours
FLOW (rainbow, white, black)

Reflective BIKE Flow, all colours

MOSAIC (white, black, fire)

Reflective BIKE Mosaic, all colours


Free premium upgrade for pre-orders

The Reflective BIKE Kit are already available from 79€ regularly. In addition, we offer a Premium-Varite for €99, which also contains a professional tool set consisting of a scalpel and squeegee, so that you can get the little helpers for neatly gluing the film with you if precision is important to you. We also give you a set in the Premium Pack Reflective SPOKES in the matching colour. More reflective bling is not possible!

We have an additional incentive for those who make quick decisions: whoever decides by June 8th If you pre-order your BIKE Kit in July, you will receive it Premium upgrade for free

Eberhard Schilling
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