Keep your small change together! We are holding a huge sample sale to clear our warehouse of prototypes, B-stock and one-offs. It all takes place over two weekends. Part 1 will be out on Saturday, April 27th. November, the second event will follow on November 2nd. Advent, the shopping Sunday on the 5th December.

It's time to liberate our camp

All sorts of reflective goodies have accumulated over the years, which are far too good to waste away in any crate. These include reflective stickers with different dimensions or incorrect or missing items. Special prints, remnants of old collections, prototypes and samples, exhibits and B-stock with minor defects.

Batik Socken mit reflektierenden Streifen

Batik socks, each piece is unique

The offline store in Prenzlauer Berg finally offers the opportunity to get all these things out of the boxes so you can come and judge for yourself. You either find a great one-off or, if not, then a Christmas present for an extremely small dollar. Still, it's a good reason to pay us a visit if you haven't already.

Grab unique pieces and drastically reduced B-stock! 

To give a few examples of what we will serve you:

  • Reflective SPOKES in the "wrong" format, reduced by up to 70%

  • Reflective SHAPES in special colors, reduced by up to 50%

  • Remaining stock of Reflective BAGS, reduced by up to 50%

  • undercut sheets on STICKIES, reduced up to 80%

  • Reflective SOCKS with batik print, single items reduced by 40%

  • previous versions of our BIKE kits, reduced by up to 70%

Rucksack mit reflektierendem Kreis Aufdruck

A rare example: one of the last "Swirl Bags"

We'll introduce you to the goods on instagram

You want to know more? See what we write about? Follow us on instagram, where over the next two weeks we will be introducing you to a lot of those samples that you can buy exclusively from us in the store on the two days. Definitely a good opportunity to fill up your advent calendar with a few reflective goodies.

Eberhard Schilling