Learning doesn't just begin at school, the way to school also needs to be trained. The equipment definitely includes reflective little helpers. For the start of school we have put together nice and inexpensive bundles.

Bye bye holidays, hello school!

An end can be a beginning. Sang Roland Kaiser, but that's also the motto for parents and children who swap the holiday season for a new school adventure.  While school is busy in Berlin at the moment, in other federal states the fun is already over and elsewhere the kids can still look forward to the big day.

Kind mit reflektierendem Rucksack

With the entry into everyday school life, a new phase of life begins for the children. Social contacts are made and the way to school creates a whole new feeling of independence when it is soon mastered alone. The experience is quite ambivalent for parents, with pride and basic trust mixed with worries as to whether and how well the kids can find their way in the confusing traffic.

Learning to be independent on the way to school

Of course you can mime the control freak and drive the little ones up in an off-road vehicle. In this way, however, one does not necessarily contribute to their development of competence in traffic, which must be trained. Prudent behavior is not learned on the back seat. On the contrary, by stopping & Go in front of schools and day care centers a source of danger that can cause serious damage in the event of a fall.

Reflexsticker für Laufrad und Helm

In addition to practicing traffic rules and behavior on the road together, it also helps to ensure sufficient visibility, e.g. with reflective accessories on clothing and school bags. And bike, when the time comes.  So it makes sense to equip the school bag with a few reflective little helpers. And as luck would have it, we have a colorful selection for every taste.

Reflective stickers are fun and increase safety at the same time

The advantage of our creative, cute reflective stickers compared to purely functional safety items: the children like them too and don't even have to be talked into them. Win win! Our highly reflective textile stickers are fantastic. They stick to all surfaces and are available in many different colours.

For the start of school, we have put together inexpensive bundles that cover all possible uses (clothing, backpack, bicycle, scooter, helmet, etc.) cover and are sorted by topic. Of course you can also put together your own sets individually. For this purpose we have collected selected products in our own collection.

preiswerte Safe to School Bundles zum Schulstart

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Eberhard Schilling