There are crazy occasions that we studiously ignore, and there are crazy occasions that we gratefully accept in order to tinker around with an action. This includes the international "Name-Your-Bike-Day" on 19. October.  

Hubert? sibyl?

We ask ourselves: did you give your bike a name? And if not: what would you call it?

We've certainly come across the fact that cars enjoy a name. In particular, cult camper vans and nostalgic collector's items are probably mainly the target of appreciative nicknames. But what about wheels? Of course we smell motorized power structures again and critically question the automotive hegemony.

A girl's bike called katinka

Highest railroad then (to stick with traffic jargon) to take the next step in the relationship with your own bike. Or are you already so close that it goes by a name?

Show us your dream combination!

What is the name of your bike what should it be called? Send us a picture of your faithful companion or friend with the subject "My bike is called...". companion and tells us what title he or she listens to. If you're funny, you can go back and explain how the name came about. Anyone who still has the step of humanization ahead of them is welcome to tell us which name it will be and why. Of course we can't check whether you're just pulling something strange out of your fingers, but to be honest we don't care. The story counts!

How would your bike feel if you could proudly wear your own name for everyone to see? Gut? Great, because we give all entries (picture of the bike + name) a voucher for a individual reflective lettering worth €39, redeemable on "Name-Your-Bike-Day" on that same Wednesday, 19 . October. All participants will receive a voucher code from us.

weißes Laufrad namens Pauline

25% on all stickers!

Anyway it's worth it on 19.10. to visit our web shop, because we are doing a mega sticker sale with a 25% discount on the entire range of stickers!

Wowowooo, so one after the other all hard facts:

  • When: 19. October
  • What: 25% discount on all stickers, 50% on individual lettering
  • 100% off lettering (3cm) if you send us the material mentioned above!

We look forward to inspiring declarations of love!

A bike called Colt 

Eberhard Schilling


Unser Lasti heißt Rosinante. Das ganz im Sinne des alten Gauls von Don Quijote. Es wackelt, es rumpelt und zieht zu einer Seite rüber 😆

— Isa