A long-cherished wish is finally coming true. We are opening our own shop very soon. Berlin Prenzlauer Berg will be our new home. You can already save the appointment.


Two and a half years ago, when Antoine and I decided to give up our small bicycle workshop on Hermannplatz, we consciously took a step back and moved into a shared office. Somehow it was clear to us that we had to lay the foundations for our company first, without outside distractions. recalibration. Which direction do we actually want to go? How is the core of our idea defined? What financial resources do we have? Spoilers: almost none.

Unser neues Zuhause in der Senefelderstr. 8

Recalibration: where should the journey go?

So we used the time to say goodbye to "Happarel Bicycles" in its old form and to reinvent it as "REFLECTIVE Berlin". Because it became clear to us: We want to focus on the design of cool reflective accessories and grow beyond the bike. We no longer wanted to slow down our urge to develop innovative products based on our ideas by screwing up bicycles, which - to be honest - others could do better anyway. How do you want to design products with 2 people, manufacture them (have them), show them to the outside world, sell them, and everything that goes with it (we had no idea what "bureaucracy" really means), if you also run a workshop (in the Sideline mind you, that means we didn't have time for anything anyway).

Ben und Antoine verlegen den neuen Boden

Two and a half years and employees later, the time has come to step out of the backyard and present at the front line how we thought it all up. We have found a new home in Prenzlauer Berg, in what we think is a great neighborhood. We can hardly believe it when we sit in front of the door and absorb life there. The first curious glances fall on our construction site, which only fuels the desire to finally invite the first customers in. And when is it supposed to start?

Erstmal einen Überblick verschaffen, was zu tun ist

We open our shop on the 15th. September

Last night, after another busy day in our new home, we simply threw an ambitious date into the room, namely May 15. September. So you should remember it or hack it into your iPhone. We will welcome you with beaming faces and an opening special (to be announced).

Our many years of trade fair experience, including our tried and tested talent for improvisation, should be enough to create something halfway presentable. In any case, the floor has been laid successfully, and we already have a toaster. So what should go wrong?! See yarrs!


Eberhard Schilling