Reflective laces


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Everyday gadget not only for cyclists

We have come up with another clever solution that also works wonderfully beyond the bike. If you put on your running shoes early in the morning, go for a walk with the dog late at night, or just because your sneakers smell good: With these reflective shoelaces for your shoes you are always visible in the dark.

High-Visibility for maximum visibility

The shoelaces are made of reflective paracord and are pretty much unbreakable. In addition, the high reflection values of the cords put everything else in the shade in terms of reflective cords, since the reflective yarn is very tightly woven. 


    Contents: 2 pieces (= a pair) of reflective shoelaces
    Colour: grey-black
    Shape: round, 4mm diameter

    Choose between 2 lengths: 110cm (for 4-6 eyelets/pairs of holes)
    140cm (7-9 eyelets/pairs of holes)


    Reflective paracord with needled tips for better threading.


    The laces are suitable for shoes of all kinds. Due to their above-average thickness, they are particularly well suited for shoes that are exposed to high loads.


    The product is extremely robust and does not require any special care.


    We obtain the raw material from the Netherlands, the further processing takes place in a traditional shoelace factory in Germany.

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