Reflective socks (rainbow)


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Our socks, which are equally suitable for sport and everyday life, have incorporated an intensively reflective strip and, in addition to the comfortable fit, plush sole and breathability, impress with the high resilience of the materials used. An ingenious and practical solution for cycling in the dark. Simply roll up your pants and benefit from the high reflective properties of the socks.


1 pair of socks in the size of your choice


80% cotton, 17% polyester, 3% elastane


We don't have to tell you how to use socks.


Machine wash: 60°C
Before washing the socks for the first time, stretch them out before hanging them up to dry.


Our socks are manufactured in a specialist company in Saxony and are therefore 100% made in Germany.

Made in Germany


Customer Reviews

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bit a pity

that there aren't "eight intensively reflecting strips" (as described), but actually only one each (the brightest). The colored stripes are not really reflective.

Still nice socks and comfortable to wear.

Hey Judith, the old descriptive text of the previous model probably crept in, because it had eight smaller reflective stripes instead of one big one. We are sorry that this did not meet your expectations.

Tanja Geke

great parish!

Sebastian S
Perfect Christmas present

Sure, socks should not be missing under the tree at Christmas. These socks made the recipient's eyes shine. As always with the products, the workmanship is rock solid. Also feel good in the hand and according to her also on the foot. Reflect nicely.

Marius F.
Super Parish

I've been using the socks for about a month now and can't say anything other than: Great!
Point A: They are simply comfortable, soft socks that sit well on the foot.
Point B: They look great and reflect as desired.
Point C: After meanwhile 5 washes I could not notice any change in fit, size, color or anything.
Point D: Super suitable for sports, have already survived two bike rides in the cold season, one wet one dry, without any problems and were very comfortable the whole time.

I'll probably get more, I'm pretty excited and always sad when the socks are in the wash.

Hey Marius! Reviews like this make our hearts melt.
May our products make you happy for many, many years to come. Thank you for your loyalty!