Have you packed your lunch? Because we’re going on an adventure!

Come with us on a REFLECTIVE class outing.

All of our reflective bike stickers come from one factory near Berlin! We went to Orafol to see how it all works.

This huge factory in Oranienburg (a little north of Berlin) makes super bright reflective material for road signs around the world - and it’s from a more bendy version of this that our reflective stickers are cut from.

 We can’t show you all the secret inner workings but we can share some of our favourite things.

🤓 Here’s some things we learned! Let’s go:

💡 We loved seeing the different processes to make each layer!

💡 They do WAY more screen printing than we expected!

💡 When they create a road sign, the design is screen printed using a huge printing screen!

💡 The big road signs designs you see day-to-day are all screen printed by huge screens on site!

🦆🐸🦌 Imagine a sign with a symbol of a deer or a duck - they’re all screen printed!

💡 The also use digital printing - the same process that we use ourselves to create designs!

💡 Antoine, our Chief Designer was a big fan of the Orafolstraße sign!

💡 They build the reflective material back to front - we imagined it the other way around! They actually start with the front layer and finish at the back.

💡 We were very intrigued by the machine in a vacuum that sprays liquified aluminium onto the back of the glass pearls.

We’ve never seen so many rolls of reflective material!

Thanks for coming on our trip! Class dismissed 🔔📚🚌


Claire Tayler