We become part of a global movement and commit to donate one percent of our total annual sales to environmental projects. It's the least we can do and to be honest everyone should do it!

It's simple: money for climate protection!

I was about to start the article with a hate speech about corporate greenwashing and the increasing dilution of the concept of sustainability. But it's much better to come out with the positive news right away: We are now a proud part of the global movement "1% for the planet". From the founders Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia) and Craig Mathews (Blue Ribbon Flies) was launched, the network brings together companies, individuals and NGOs to together a stronger impact of ecological initiatives to advance so that we leave our planet in a better condition for future generations. We invest in the earth and the people who care for it.

One Percent for the Planet Network Picture

Social suffering beats climate change  

I would like to briefly share one thought about this at this point. We are reminded at this moment, when an egomaniacal tyrant is wreaking unnecessary havoc on the world, that human willingness to help when suffering is immediate is overwhelming. Great! Climate change, on the other hand, is abstract, it doesn't grab us emotionally. The alarm bells have been ringing for a long time, but there is no sign of a significant departure from "business as usual". On the contrary, now climate protection has to take a back seat, not that the lights will go out in our country any time soon.

How do we improve our balance sheet?

As a company in particular, we should feel responsible for making our contribution to climate protection. All the external costs involved in the production of consumer goods - CO2 emissions, waste, noise, etc. - are passed on to the general public as a matter of course and contribute to a dramatic state of our planet that already seems irreversible.

One percent for the planet Network picture, business as usual

Although we are constantly evaluating our processes as to how we can work more sustainably and with less use of resources in our day-to-day business, this is honestly not nearly enough to correct the global undesirable developments that our capitalist economic system brings to light. We have to think bigger.

Think big!

Therefore we are very happy to have got to know the "1% for the planet" movement, which we joined at the beginning of this year. In line with well-known brands such as Patatgonia, Klean Kanteen, Pukka and thousands of other companies in over 60 countries, we pool funds to promote ecological projects. Only 3% of global donations are dedicated to environmental issues. Far too little, as the current report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change once again drastically demonstrated.

One Percent members commit to donating at least one percent of their annual income to selected environmental initiatives of dedicated project sponsors. This financial contribution can be understood as an "Earth Tax", a tax that we pay our planet to recover from the overexploitation of its resources that we have promoted. One percent doesn't sound like much, but all in all it adds up to a significant contribution. To date, a total of more than 0 million has been sensibly invested. Not to be sniffed at, right?

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Are you in?

With every purchase of our products, you not only invest in your safety on the road, but also in the global environmental movement. This makes us really happy and hopefully you too. But somehow it also feels natural to invest in your own livelihood. We should all do that! That's why look at you the "One Percent" movement take a closer look and maybe you will also become part of this powerful network of inspiring actors.

Eberhard Schilling