Commercialization with a difference: In cooperation with talented artists, we transform characteristic designs into tangible products. We present unique and limited edition sticker kits that bear the unmistakable signature of independent artists.

Stickers made of art, art with stickers

Through our new series of collaborations On the one hand, we want to offer creative people a platform whose output tends to move below the mainstream radar, and on the other hand, we enjoy expanding our portfolio with completely new and exciting facets. In times of the pandemic, when culture and art are particularly hard hit, we can also provide an additional source of income.


Teil 1: Mr. P GRFX - Creme de la Crime

Our collaboration with Mr. P GRFX marks the starting shot for the REFLECTIVE Berlin X ARTIST Edition. Patrick Poulley a.k.a. Mr. P is a Berlin illustrator who draws his inspiration from the graffiti and hip hop culture he grew up with and that surrounds him every day. Role models like the street artists Daim, Innerfields and The WeirdCrew tempted him to create a Series of illustrations to create with the theme German rap, which is characterized by the unique combination of screen printing on cardboard and a finish with gold leaf elements. Bringing these elements together blurs the sharp contrast between luxury and rough street life that seems to be dissolving in real hip hop culture as well.

REFLECTIVE Berlin X ARTIST Edition Sticker Kit Creme de la Crime

Limited edition

Mr. P's "Créme de la Crime" collection also taps into rap music, graffiti and skate culture. The scribble style of the motifs speaks a clear street art language and appeals to all those who spend their free time in the skate park, on basketball courts and with a spray can in their hands.

We have put a selection of our favorite designs from the "Créme de la Crime" series into sheets in the form of 10 reflective stickers. The sticker sets are now available in our webshop as a limited edition of 200 pieces. Get yours while stocks last and support independent art with soul!

Call for Artists!

Do you know great artists or are you yourself? Write to us and become part of our REFLECTIVE Berlin X ARTIST Edition! Take us with you on your journey, we look forward to new perspectives!


Eberhard Schilling