"I can never do it as beautifully as you!", we sometimes hear as a reaction to our photos or at offline events when they still existed. It often looks more difficult than it is. In our new "Tips & Tricks" video series, we introduce you to techniques that we believe have proven effective in creating a beautiful design.

Valuable wealth of experience

Since 2014 we have been sticking stickers and foils on mostly bicycles and bicycle helmets. In all that time, some strategies have manifested on how to get a cool result. Whether helmets with air vents or battery cases for e-bikes, prams or wheelchairs, frames made of steel or carbon, the range of objects we decorate with reflective stickers is quite respectable.

Tips & Tricks Logo

The more you try, the more often techniques and approaches emerge that promise great designs. Of course, "trial and error" also implies that you sometimes get on the wrong track and fail. That's exactly what makes "experience" so valuable. We cannot and do not want to demand the time and leisure that we take in this phase of product development from you.

Product design is half the battle...

That's why we translate our experience and knowledge from many years of practice in gluing and foiling into products that are as user-friendly as possible. Your feedback confirms that you like the idea and implementation of our DIY products and that you sometimes achieve results that exceed your own expectations without prior knowledge. It is precisely this high congruence of idea and implementation, which still leaves room for surprises, that we want to achieve.

With a growing reach, however, it is inevitable that we will sometimes receive disappointed feedback because something in the process did not work out as hoped. "The stickers don't stick!" could be such a message, or "I can never do this as beautifully as you!", which describes anticipatory concern rather than criticism.

... Tips & Tricks videos all!

Therefore, we have decided, in addition to our review process, in which we regularly subject our portfolio to an examination from the customer's point of view, a Video series to bring to life, in which we share our accumulated wealth of experience with you. So we put our faces in front of the camera and manipulated it in front of the lens to save you from confusing text descriptions and endless series of photos.

Our „Tips & Tricks" Playlist first of all takes you back to the technical ones basics the sticker (durability, correct use, etc.), before it off Part 2 starts with hands-on practical tips that will give you the confidence to go in an individual direction with your design. For example, here we introduce you to the "Explosion Effect" as we call it, or how you integrate natural boundaries of your objects into the design.

Your questions are our script

Especially if you don't know exactly where to start, these tips are definitely helpful. Check it out! Maybe you can take something from it and draw inspiration from it for your next sticker project. Understandably, you are reluctant to make contact on the first try, but after that it becomes easier to create something exciting with each additional sticker and greater self-confidence. We hope you enjoy the clips and encourage new Pimp my Ride projects. In time it will be easy, I promise!

In the upcoming videos, we'll take a look at the most popular products and what you can do with them. We would also like to show you how to get the stickers off again if the worst comes to the worst, because you sometimes ask us that quite rightly. So feel free to keep asking questions and give us tips on what we should cover in our next videos. We have at least two open ears for it.

Eberhard Schilling