Through the collaboration with the wheelchair manufacturer MEYRA, we are breaking new ground. Finally!

Yesterday we were guests at Berlin Spree reservoir, at the last station of the MEYRA Roadshow 2021. Tours as one of the largest manufacturers of rehabilitation aids for people with limited mobility MEYRA for the second year in a row through Germany's urban landscape to present new products to its regional specialist dealers. A special highlight this year: the collaboration with REFLECTIVE Berlin.

MEYRA Nano C mit reflektierendem REFLECTIVE Berlin Dekor

The Nano C with reflective decor in the rainbow color variant

The new active wheelchair Nano C gets a reflective decor

The collaboration consists of a series of product innovations. The main object and absolute eye-catcher is certainly the Active wheelchair Nano C with reflective decor. It is not for nothing that MEYRA is the market leader with its premium wheelchairs, if you look at the beautiful, reduced design of this sporty chair, which we also like very much. We were able to add another technical parameter to the particularly narrow barrel width and unrivaled low weight: 360° visibility.

MEYRA Nano C Reflective Rückansicht

The design elements of the decor are taken from the Meyra Group logo

Our decoration made of reflective stickers is not only visible in the dark from all directions, it also emphasizes the dynamic S-curve of the puristic frame design of the Nano C. When designing the reflective elements, we took the new signee of the MEYRA Group oriented, and in this way creatively gave the wheelchair a corporate design that, as such, does not come across as intrusive. As usual, we also offer subtle variations in addition to trendy accents in the reflection, not least a black reflective option that takes the minimalism of the design to the extreme without sacrificing functionality.

MEYRA Nano C Reflective Seitenansicht

The placement of the reflective elements guarantees 360° visibility

Reflective stickers for wheelchairs will soon be available as accessories in specialist shops

However, our collaboration is only beginning with the reflective foiling, which will be available ex works post-launch. It was very important to us - and we campaigned for it with vigor and all our charm - that medical supply stores and specialist retailers should in future be able to purchase our reflective stickers for walking aids, walkers and wheelchairs at a later date. Visibility is not an exclusive topic for cyclists, but also for those who rely on other mobility aids. We are therefore very proud that there will soon be displays that have REFLECTIVE Berlin X MEYRA reflectors hanging on the hook.

Display mit reflektierenden Stickern für den Fachhandel

Specialist shops will offer the stickers as reflector kits

In an industry that is still comparatively conservative compared to the booming bicycle market, for example, this can certainly be described as a quantum leap. The positive feedback from the specialist trade indicates that the step is promising. Who says that lifestyle and aesthetic design are not also of increasing importance in this area?

Reflektierender Hoodie für MEYRA Roadshow

The team clothing of the MEYRA team was also designed by us to be reflective

Our emancipation from the bike

So it's time for a bit of courage to recommend stylish design to people with restricted mobility. MEYRA not only had this courage, but also gave us unlimited freedom to implement the project according to our ideas. We would like to thank you for this trust and we wish you every success with this courageous leap to the next level!

MEYRA Team Roadshow 2021 in Berlin

The great motivated MEYRA team of the Berlin Roadshow 2021
Eberhard Schilling


Eine gemeinsame Aktion mit MEYRA, das ist so sympathisch! Der schwarze Nano C mit den Rainbow Stickern sieht super aus. Ich bin erst jetzt auf die Idee gekommen, meinen Rolli mit euren Stickern aufzuhübschen, ich habe bestellt was mir gefiehl und im Sanihaus meines Vertrauens gefragt, ob es vielleicht ein Kampagnentag “DIY hübsch deinen Rolli auf” gibt. Weil die Antwort ausblieb bin ich selbst ans Werk gegangen. Eure Sticker / Reflektoren habe ich im Fachhandel bisher nicht gesehen. Ihr könnt aber sicher sein, ich erzähle von euch und ich halte ab jetzt die Augen auf. Herzlichen Dank für euer Engagement auch im Bereich der Rollis und Gehhilfen!

— Jaani