For today's Earth Day we have made a fashion statement: Thanks to EDO and the natural forces that make our lives possible in the first place. Sounds spiritual, but it isn't at all.
Today is "Earth Day"! Congratulations, Earth! In keeping with this, we would like to celebrate our ELEMENTS collection. An ode to the elements. We wanted to really let it rip without sacrificing our values of sustainability and local production. On the contrary, for the small series we teamed up with our friends from EDOgoods together who really know something about it.
Elements icons

Sustainable slow fashion from Berlin

 Elisa und Dirk sind EDOgoodsEDO is a Berlin slow fashion label for simple, timeless fashion and totally our thing. Because she loves her Manifesto express, here is a quote: EDO is a flexible uniform for people regardless of gender, age and occasion. EDO is simple enough to modestly showcase your personality, comfortable enough to climb trees, versatile enough to never have a dressing crisis again, and distinctive enough to turn heads."
In addition, EDO has taken up the cause of rescuing leftovers from large industrial productions, which would only be destined for the garbage on such a scale. From this, EDO then creates small collections of sweaters, trousers, shirts and accessories, depending on the materials available. Criteria such as long-lasting quality and fair remuneration in the manufacturing process are not even negotiable, but a basic requirement. The EDO spirit is just great, that's for sure.
Wind T-Shirt

Long sleeve Water

Crewneck Earth

Shades of Blue

Our team has been equipped with EDO clothes since the very beginning and has a mini fan community. So it's great that we were able to get our hands on some of the current EDO goods in order to design our own limited edition. EDO crewneck, long sleeve and t-shirt in ingenious shades of blue form the basis of our ELEMENTS collection. With the design of the reflective prints, we have remained close to the simple design language of EDO out of conviction.
Each of the three designs symbolizes a natural element: Earth (Pullover), Wind (T-Shirt), Water (Longsleeve). And what about fire? Where has the fourth element gone? We thought outside the box, because fire is symbolized by the reflection. Smart, right? And these are not in short supply. While the respective chest prints still appear subtle and minimalist, the backs shine with oversized reflective designs, in the truest sense of the word.
 Elements Collection
Elements Kollektion Rückseite

Only 25 pieces per part!

When we held the garments in our hands for the first time, we knew that we were going to create something special with them. You don't just create your favorite pieces all the time. A lot of work has gone into the ELEMENTS collection, at all levels of the production chain. But we think it was worth it!
If you want to touch and try on, come into ours Store, otherwise of course you can too online access. Each part is limited to 25 pieces!!
Eberhard Schilling