Oil is not scarce, nor is it advisable to take a walk on the freeway tomorrow. the "car free day" has fortunately survived and is nowadays part of the European Mobility Week taking place, which is intended to translate the ever-increasing desire for a turnaround in transport into concrete, if only temporary, measures.
critical mass fahrradverkehr

cycling is increasing

Even if many die-hards conjure up the dictatorship of left-green-filthy combat cyclists and cling desperately to the privileges that car owners in the city enjoy to a disproportionate extent, facts beyond ideological banality speak a clear language: concretely, that would be e.g. a steady growing share of cycling in total traffic volume and space problems in dense urban areas. But also in the context of global warming, air quality and accident prevention, the reduction of urban car traffic must be a central concern. There's no way around it.

Radfahrerin vor BVG Bus

Fewer cars: more quality of life

In 2018, Berlin is known to have one Mobilitätsgesetz decided to advance the traffic turnaround. Since then, a few new cycle paths have been built here and there, but nobody has really dared to take space away from the cars. the temporary promenade in Friedrichstraße can be viewed as a current model project in which an attempt is made to bring about a better quality of life by excluding car traffic. On top of that, the local economy should be happy if gastronomy and shops benefit from more free space, noise reduction and better air.

30% rabatt autofrei aktionstag

30% special discount on the day of action

We would like to support the idea of the car-free day by not only waiving a whopping 30% off our entire range on this day, you can also have one Motif sticker of your choice when you pick up your order from us by bike. Since we find the work of sustainable mobility initiatives super important, we donate 10% of our daily income to the association Changing Cities e.V. Perhaps on your way to us you will cycle through one of the many traffic-calmed streets that will be temporarily freed from car traffic for this occasion.




Eberhard Schilling