A fixed date of the month for us, as well as for many other bicycle enthusiasts: the Critical Mass. On our autumn trip we packed Martin Mostert, our trusted video artist, in the front of the Bullitt to film the critical mass meandering through the city. A really nice clip was created that summarizes all the various impressions of these monthly trips.

The diversity of the participants...

is just as huge as that of the means of transport. Adults on scooters, children on cargo bikes, rockers on choppers, couriers on their fixies, and in between lots of normal people who are committed to getting around the city with less stress and more sustainability. In addition to the political message of promoting the bicycle infrastructure and alternative means of transport instead of the car-centric traffic planning that has been pursued for decades, the bicycle tour is also a colorful party. Colorful lighting, decorated bicycles, flashing lights on jackets and in the spokes, plus a sound system pulled around on a trailer for the right beat while driving.

Critical Mass Berlin from Martin Mostert on Vimeo.

No emission, no noise... but movement, freedom and mobility!
Critical Mass Berlin: http://www.critical-mass-berlin.de
Thanks to https://happarelbicycles.berlin for the ride!
Music: DJ Pone - M.F.C. (Audio)

Reflective accessories may not immediately catch the eye, but they are also present. Incidentally, REFLECTIVE Berlin takes the exits as an opportunity to distribute free reflective stickers to people and to mark dark, confusing areas along the cycle lanes with reflective stickers to make them a little safer in the dark. We have also already released reflective CM stickers. If you want to stick one of these on your bike, please get in touch with us.

Let's see how hard the core of the Critical Mass participants will be in the upcoming winter months. We plan to start with a small Reflective CREW soon. By the new year at the latest, the evening trips on the last Friday of the month will continue uninterrupted.

Eberhard Schilling