In the week of 14.-19. November is all about visibility in road traffic.

The project days brought to life by the IFK Potsdam and the Netzwerk VerkehrsSicherheit draw attention to how important it is to be sufficiently visible in the dark season that has begun to minimize the risk of accidents. It is logical that we at REFLECTIVE Berlin support this and packed the week with a variety of events, workshops, competitions and sales specials.

Free crafts

We offer our free handicraft workshops for children and families on three dates. To do this, we looked for partners in Berlin in order to be able to make our offer accessible at different locations. On Tuesday (11/15) you can come to us in Prenzlauer Berg, where we are expanding our extensive DIY station with the option of designing free reflective badges.
Reflektoren Bastelworkshop mit REFLECTIVE Berlin
On Thursday (11/17) we will set up our station in the Concept Bike Store NEW ORDER in Friedrichshain. In addition, we will raffle off great prizes together, which every child should be happy about. The ADAC Mobility Space is also planning a really big competition, which we will use with our handicraft corner on Saturday (19.11.).
A lot helps a lot
Visiting one of our events is therefore doubly worthwhile. You can outfit your whole family for the dark season with handcrafted reflective stickers, plus great accessories to add some style to your visibility.
So what are the exact dates for the handicraft workshops now?
Kids Corner Stationen Berlin

Mega sweepstakes

What would the project week be without a big competition with hefty prizes? Even! We are giving away 3 phat reflective packs, each consisting of a rainbow reflective backpack plus endless stickers. So you are well prepared for the way through the everyday traffic jungle and you look handsome at the same time.
We'll tell you what you have to do to participate when the time comes. In any case, you should hang around a bit on the relevant social media, that much can be revealed. We want to use the power of the networks to raise awareness of our topic.
Preise des REFLECTIVE Berlin Gewinnspiels

Stickers and plug deals

Since we want to equip as many of you as possible with adorable reflectors, not just the cyclists, we are reducing our prices for selected items in the area of textile stickers and badges for a week. This makes it easy to make all your clothes and accessories visible.
Since we are big fans of upcycling, we produce reflective badges from our film waste especially for the campaign week. In the local store you can put together a colored set of 3 yourself, or you can order a discounted surprise set in the online shop while stocks last. Here, too, we let the prices tumble in the short term.
Reflektierende Sticker und Anstecker selber gestalten

Newsletter first

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So don't be shy and get relevant fan news and deal announcements delivered straight to your mailbox. You can still unsubscribe.
Eberhard Schilling