We produce in-house and with the help of regional partners and socially inclusive institutions. Berlin is

not just our muse, but the foundation of a value chain designed for cooperation.

Stylishly visible

Neon yellow warning vests and cumbersome additional items? You can, but you don't have to.

Traffic safety and aesthetic design are equal partners for us and go hand in hand.


We are big advocates of cycling. More fun also comes with more security.

We have to rethink individual urban transport and we would like to make a small contribution to this.

Why we do what we do


Of course, we let things reflect: bikes, helmets, clothes... But how about us? Key word self-reflection. Why are we doing this and what drives us?

Every day we master everyday urban life with the help of bicycles. Because for us it represents the best individual means of transport and gives an indispensable feeling of independence. The breeze blows through your face, the asphalt under your tires passes as quickly as your own turbulent thoughts. Sure, sometimes it's pure drudgery, but occasionally leaving the comfort zone, not only on the bike, is good for the character.

But it's also a fact that many people don't feel safe on a bike, especially in urban traffic, especially in the dark. Therefore, two dudes have teamed up to make first bicycles and later all kinds of non-motorized vehicles more visible. Because with improved visibility, the fun comes back.


Of course, this can also be achieved with a yellow safety vest, but we find it a) ugly, and b) for us it is also a symbol of how cyclists are literally pushed to the (road)side. Visibility can be stylish and in line with our personal style. We are working on this with plenty of esprit.

So the idea is to create stylish reflective accessories for better visibility in the dark. And by "creating" we mean the full program, from conception through design to production.

The demands we place on our products can be summed up in four keywords: quality, universality, authenticity and sustainability. Powerful words that are simply meant to mean that we use the best materials we know to create versatile accessories in our own design language, while ensuring that production is as sustainable as possible.


In doing so, we think along with all the target groups that are bustling about in traffic: kids on their way to school, the youngest in the pram, the older ones with their walking aids with or without wheels, purists who like black, individualists who like it colorful, pragmatists it can't be bright enough, or just the everyday cyclists who claim their modest place on the road day in and day out.

And we are far from having reached the end of the much-touted flagpole. Reflective materials open up possible applications that go far beyond bicycles. We certainly don't lack ideas, that's for sure.

And Berlin? Provides us with a community that won't be defeated, praises us, criticizes us, gives us suggestions for new products, generously makes itself available as a test community that produces new collaborations and promotes innovative projects, sometimes sucks and overwhelms us, but mostly forms the creative playground that this city can be in good moments.


Berlin is the fertile ground from which new creative minds are constantly springing up and who have proven to be valuable partners at all stages of our value chain, so that we can largely map all of our processes regionally. The immediate feedback enables us to react quickly when things get stuck.

Back then we moved into our first backyard workshop in Kreuzberg, in order to then open a small bike shop and now make a small contribution with a new look and a clear vision. A contribution to a sustainable change in urban mobility by taking visibility, and consequently safety, out of the technical-functional dirty corner of necessity and elevating it to lifestyle through clever product design.

The name is program. What's the name of that company from Berlin that makes cool reflectors for cyclists? Exactly!

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