We celebrated the launch of our DIY Reflective Sticker Kits by holding a small masterclass. We invited some local designers to join us to try out some of the new designs and to hear their feedback. Something all three had in common? Coincidentally, a love of an eye motif. This definitely wormed its way into the designs! Here's some photos of what they made.


Julia's DIY Space Design

Julia (@vonjott)'s a graphic designer and bike messenger with Fahrwerk Kurier*innenkollektiv Berlin. She's drawn to cosmic details, flowing designs and eye motifs, and chose DIY Space to decorate her helmet. Julia used it to give her helmet a flow of space flames, playing with the purple and blue palette.



Here is a video at the process of bringing the design to life. A helmet's a tricky shape, so if you watch carefully, you can see she first made a template out of tape in order to transfer the tricky shape perfectly onto the reflective material.




Gloria's Abyss Eyes

Gloria’s (@gloriaciceri) a graphic designer and in her spare time, runs Audace Cycling together with Benedetta Lepri here in Berlin, with the goal of encouraging people to ride more and share experiences. We're big fans.

Gloria used the Abyss colourway to give her water bottles a reflective look in the dark. Another fan of an eye motif! Here's a look at the design process.





Julika's Butterflies


Julika (@jewlz6000is a designer, who we quickly discovered has a love of small details. She channeled some early 2000s vibes and used the Reflective DIY White Vector's intricate pattern to create small details. It took a lot of focus to follow the lines, but she created a beautiful butterfly chain out of it. We're honoured the join her carefully-selected sticker collection adorning her frame. She also put some small beads eyes in the mix, too.



We've not seen this pattern used so intricately before and loved it. We loved how each person really brought the DIY to life in their own way.

Our workshops are ongoing. Looking forward to showing you more results!


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