A concept store is not a concept store until there is a concept. REFLECTIVE PLUS+ is the crucial piece of the puzzle for the vision of our store to take shape.


Chic reflective products remain our niche

"Stylishly visible" has always been the motto of REFLECTIVE Berlin, and nothing has changed. We no longer have to prove that attention on the road can be created discreetly and with an affinity for aesthetic design. But we will continue to do so. We love our niche topic and can also lose ourselves in it. Ask us what we would like to add to our product portfolio, and we'll have countless ideas in your head in no time!

Ortlieb Velocity Rucksack, REFLECTIVE PLUS+ Store

Ortlieb is in the program with the "Velocity 23 High-Visibility" daypack

We can't do everything ourselves

But how can all these ideas be materialized in a universe with limiting dimensions like time and space? We can't do everything ourselves. Nobody can do everything themselves all the time. You learn that very quickly as a freelancer. And the second insight follows immediately: Others also do great things! Therefore, our answer to this question is: REFLECTIVE PLUS+.

irie daily Resulaner Jacket, REFLECTIVE PLUS + Store

iriedaily's Resulaner jacket could become your new companion

Other brands have nice products too

We are expanding our own REFLECTIVE Berlin range with reflective accessories from manufacturers who have managed not only to develop strong products that fit our concept in terms of content, but also to demonstrate a company philosophy that we can gain something from. Three factors in particular play a role here: the functionality of the products, sustainability in everyday life, and simply sympathy, because without it it just doesn't work either.

In our showroom in Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, all the products we have curated find their rightful place. Here you can find out more about the reasons why we included this jacket or backpack in the REFLECTIVE PLUS+ series. Get to know the producers and their history, get an idea of the brand and of course the articles themselves.


Reflective trousers made from recycled materials by FAHRER Berlin

REFLECTIVE PLUS+ completes the REFLECTIVE Concept Store 

The manifestation of the REFLECTIVE PLUS+ line is the key building block to complete our concept store idea for chic reflective accessories. Accordingly, the substance of this core idea can only be experienced on site. Therefore, REFLECTIVE PLUS+ remains offline only. You all know how to shop online. But to wander in the multiverse of reflective treasures and go on a journey of discovery? How does that feel? You should find out in our store.

AGU Reflection Commuter Jacke, Reflective Plus+ Store

AGU has several parts in the REFLECTIVE PLUS+ range

Eberhard Schilling