Wowzers, we're excited to introduce our new product to you because we think we've perfecting a balancing act. The Reflective DIY Sticker Kits give you room to get truly creative yourself, with enough assistance to create a really cool design with your own unique look. For some time now, we’ve been listening to your feedback. We heard your desire for larger-sized sticker sheets without gaps that would let you cover larger areas and cut out individual shapes. However, it was also important to us not to simply throw a loose sheet at you. We thought we could make something a little more special than just that.

For us, the highest priority in product development is that everyone using it can achieve a result they love without big challenges.

That's why we took our time and let the idea mature, especially thanks to your help. A small group of you were allowed to test the first prototypes, and we were able to find out how you dealt with it and what challenges you faced. Thank you to everyone involved! We have incorporated this feedback into our development in several iterations, letting us develop a product experience that we’re really excited about. 

We think the final product is the best possible response to all the individual needs we identified during the development process. The product itself may seem simple, but it's the way you use it that’s the most important thing.

Our tutorial video gives you a foretaste of the potential that lies within:


What to expect in the Reflective DIY Sticker Kit?

You get an A4 sheet of reflective foil with a stencil we developed that gives you a multiverse of options for designing them. Each sticker sheet is covered with a transparent application foil which you can draw on. The stencil helps you to draw lines, create shapes, paint motifs, etc. Different angles and guides let you easily create complex shapes with rounded corners, concentric circles or any other intricate details you can think of. 

This gives you a chance to try it out before you start sticking it on. If you like your design, cut it out with scissors or a knife. The transfer foil not only helps you to do this, but you can also use it for tracing by sticking it on a section you want to decorate and tracing the outlines with a pencil, for example. This way you can do precise preparatory work on the object of your choice right away.

In the first step we offer 10 different designs. More colours and designs will come, you can count on it! Of course, we will continue to accept your wishes. So if you are would like to see a different pattern or a colour, please let us know!

Reflective DIY Stickers for bikes

Reflective DIY Stickers for bikes

Reflective DIY Stickers for bikes  

Release promo: Buy one, get one FREE this weekend

You can now find the Reflective DIY Sticker Kits in our webshop for 29€. For the launch, we have also come up with a nice promotion for quick decision makers: Everyone who orders a DIY set today on "Car Free Day" or until the end of the month (Saturday 30th September) will get an additional DIN A4 sheet from us for FREE.

Add the additional sheet (you can find it listed a bonus sheet on each product page) to your shopping cart and use the code FREE2DIY at checkout to receive a 100% discount on the additional sheet.

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Eberhard Schilling