Could it be that the forced deceleration at home makes us think a bit about whether we as a society really want to continue as before? Limitless growth and rapid consumption, economization of work and private life, self-destructive exploitation of our own living space and fellow human beings?

No idea if there will be a paradigm shift with the end of the Corona crisis, but a few questions that we didn't even ask ourselves before probably hold surprising answers. Something like: A little less of everything is fine too. Or: I can actually find everything I need in my immediate vicinity. Or: quality time with my friends somehow gives me much more than a career.

Less is more


The quintessence of communal quarantine is so banal, and yet we have long since lost sight of it: if we make sure that others are doing well, we are doing well too. If we don't care, we shouldn't be surprised if we ourselves and those close to us suffer as a result. In quarantine, theory becomes practice. And then? Does that mean anything to us?



Let's look into ourselves! Do feelings of humility and modesty creep in? Possibly even an idea of solidarity is paving its way, even if that is perhaps more of a hunch than a fact. In any case, initiatives by people who recognize the value of a solidarity community at the local level are increasing. Content is circulating on social media under various hashtags such as #supportsmallbusinesses or #shoplocal, drawing attention to valuable small businesses in the neighborhood that are making a positive difference to everyday life in their own way, but which may be crushed by the loss of sales these weeks.

It also sucks when your favorite diner around the corner closes and the little cinema has to close, where you always liked to watch independent films and then hang out for a beer. Here, for example, voucher purchases can help to get through the worst. Pay for dinner now and dine later? Pay the regular hairdresser and pick up a new haircut if you continue? Local online campaigns such as Helfen.Berlin offer e.g. voucher purchases to alleviate the financial dry spell of shops that have been forced to close. There are certainly other such initiatives and we have also come up with a big package of campaigns.

From the "Solidaricorn"

Solidarity is a real concern for the "Solidaricorn" and so it will act as a coat of arms and umbrella .... er ... animal of several initiatives in the coming weeks and will hopefully show us all the right honorable path. The local neighborhood is just as important to him as the people far away, because solidarity knows no borders.

1. #welovethem: Your neighborhood on instagram

WE LOVE THEM is the name of our campaign, in the course of which you introduce your online community to your favorite places in the neighborhood, where the water is up to your neck, using the same hashtag. Show us what makes this company, whether it's a café, a fashion label or just saw it, so special, what support could look like and why it's important to you! It's even conceivable that it's the corner bar across the street and you knock on the door to find out how you can help. Not everyone has a shiny Instagram account to link to. Living neighborhood so to speak. You can download our templates and use them for your stories. As often as you want, as creatively as you want.

instagram story vorlagen #welovethem

2. Refugee aid: Where it gets down to business

The neighbourhood is the center of our lives, this is where our everyday life takes place, and it is therefore good and right that we neighbours take care of each other. However, we must not forget to think outside the box. That actually happens a bit too seldom these days, as the current exceptional situation caused by the corona virus is the dominant topic. Of course, we are currently experiencing a massive cut in our everyday life and habits that we perceive as quality of life are curtailed with nothing. Just: Do you have in mind what is happening at Europe's external borders? Anyone who feels committed to the most basic human rights simply cannot ignore it!

Because this is where the actual humanitarian catastrophe is taking place. What doesn't happen to us in our worst nightmares is the order of the day for many people there. While the EU looks on, flouting the right to asylum and betraying our much-cited values, civil society organizations are trying to alleviate the suffering on the ground. Despite our loss of sales, we would like to support this adverse work out of conviction and therefore donate part of our income to the aid organization medico international. By Easter, 10% of our net sales will go to his donation account. So you buy from us for several good causes. You help us through the lean weeks and ease some suffering where the really big shit happens.


3. Berlin homeless

People here are also condemned to camp outside in wind and weather. Especially now, when there are fewer people on the streets who can jump a narrow thaler, and distance is the top priority, homeless people have an extremely difficult time. In addition, they are already at a higher risk of infection and do not have easy access to the health system, especially now that many emergency shelters are closed.

For this reason we asked the Solidaricorn if it would give its likeness for a reflective sticker so that dear people like you out there can get a copy. The Solidaricorn is available in a double pack, and 2 euros of the proceeds go directly to the Berlin homelessnhilfe e.V. You are also blessed with a guardian angel if you stick the glowing sticker on your helmet or bike.

solidaricorn 2pack

Unicorn for you

This extremely pretty product is available in our online shop. A visit to the web shop is worthwhile anyway. Because last but not least, we have something tangible ready for you. If we are already in a giving mood, then of course you should also benefit from it. Every order we receive by the end of April will be pimped with a copy of our most popular decal. Have you seen unicorns lately? Exactly, they are all in our office waiting to be wrapped up to give you a small gift.

Einhorn Varianten Helm

We all don't have it easy right now, so we feel the urge to spread positive messages and to exemplify humanity. We can take it. Get through the days at home well, don't do anything stupid and stay healthy!

Eberhard Schilling