The outstanding response we generated through our solidarity campaigns last year prompted us to establish a permanent solution for supporting great civil society initiatives. Our cute "Solidaricorn" therefore gets a permanent position. 

Solidaricorn 💖 #BIKEYGEES

From now on, we will regularly select projects that promote solidarity and provide support by donating the proceeds from the Sticker sale of our coat of arms make a modest financial contribution available. It is in the nature of our business that we are particularly fond of initiatives with links to the area of mobility.

Radfahrtraining BIKEYGEES

Photo: BIKEYGEES/ Tanja Schnitzler

With the #BIKEYGEES we have therefore already chosen an ingenious project partner for the first term (January - March). The association offers cycling lessons for women and girls, beyond perceived boundaries such as origin or religion. The empowerment project, which started in 2015, has now grown into a non-profit association for educational and integration work that operates beyond the city limits. In 2018 the #BIKEYGEES with the German Bicycle Prize excellent.

Intercultural cycling training

For those of us who grew up in Germany, it may be the most natural thing in the world to test our independence on a bicycle from childhood. However, in some countries of the world women are forbidden to ride bicycles, in many places it is at least considered immoral.

Fahrradreparatur BIKEYGEES

Photos: #BIKEYGEES / Annette Krüger

The intercultural cycling training offered by #BIKEYGEES e.V. in Berlin and Brandenburg enables those affected to get over their shyness of two-wheelers, to become mobile in the neighborhood and ultimately to have a completely new experience of independence.

A really cool project that Solidaricorn chose, right?! The bicycle as an empowerment tool in the heart of Berlin. It can't be said often enough: Cycling is freedom - riding a bike is freedom! 🚴‍♀️ 🌈

 Radfahrtraining zu zweit, BIKEYGEES

Foto: Patty Buescher / BIKEYGEES

If you have project proposals that Solidaricorn should support, send them to us!

Eberhard Schilling