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Everything at a glance with the third eye. Two of them turn your helmet into a face. For the sides of the helmet we recommend wing. Anyone who suspects the Illuminati has only themselves to blame.



1 reflective sticker measuring 52x48mm (WxH)


The stickers consist of a reflective film from the traffic safety sector, which is used for warning markings, traffic signs and information signs outdoors. The reflective foil meets the requirements of EN12899-1 and is characterized by its durability and absolute resistance to weathering, corrosion and solvents. Temperatures from -50° to +80° Celsius do not affect the material.

The retro reflection is created by tiny glass spheres that are attached to a transparent plastic layer and reflect the light back to the source. The surface is made of alkyd resin, the adhesive is made of solvent polyacrylate. The full reflection properties are guaranteed for at least 7 years.

The printed colors are UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, i.e. no fading due to sunlight or color loss due to weather or everyday stress.

The thickness of the stickers is around 0.1mm.


Area of application for the stickers are smooth solid surfaces.
Textiles or hard foam (Urban Arrow) are not suitable as a substrate.
With the help of a transparent application film, the stickers can be detached from the carrier material and stuck either together or individually as you wish.
The substrate must be dry and free from grease and dirt particles.
The outside temperature when gluing must not fall below 10° Celsius and ideally corresponds to room temperature.
After 1-2 days, the adhesive connects to the substrate until maximum adhesion is reached. Removing the stickers turns out to be a clever fiddling around. When removing, mechanical action helps better than chemicals.


After the stickers have been properly applied, you can sit back and relax. Bad weather doesn't bother them. If it gets dirty, you can wipe the film off with water or commercially available cleaners without hesitation.


The production site for the raw material is in Brandenburg, further processing takes place in Berlin, including with the help of workshops for people with disabilities, and we take care of the shipping ourselves from our headquarters in Prenzlauer Berg. We can thus map our value chain completely regionally. It is within a 35km radius of our store.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike Boarder
Top Design!!!

Was absolutely positively surprised by the quality and significance of this eye... An eye-catcher😁I attached it to my wakeboard helmet 😁

Karin Klemp

Beautifully radiant!

Yay, that looks strong! Thank you for the picture

a real "eye" catcher

Super quality and great colors!

What a combo

Amina Bekkadoor

I love the stickers! They stick on my bike :)

Marcel Rogge
Super luminosity

The decal looks great. I attached it to the back of my helmet, although a plain background would of course be nicer. Everything remained intact during the transfer and the effect is great