Meet our new Artist Edition! We collaborate with independent artists and transform their designs into a limited edition reflective sticker pack. Our third Artist Edition is with Japanese artist Kuri Hara. Find out more about this limited edition.

Kurihara’s art is inspired by Japanese street festivals, traditional masks, animations, picture books, and abstract conversations with himself. In this sticker collaboration, he’s created a set of painted masked characters.

You can find similar characters in his bigger, more abstract paintings as well. Kurihara likes to work with his old canvases and paint over them again and again. He always leaves the original painting in place, never completely covered - there’s always some of the past visible. “It's like just talking with myself in the past,” he explains.

We first met Kurihara in one of Berlin’s long defunct independent art spaces, squat artist space, with long days and late nights making art and playing music together - back then, there were even more spaces in the city like this. More than 10 years later, shortly before Kuri's return to his Japanese homeland, we present you this very special sticker pack and look forward to spreading the word about his little monsters.

Are you an independent artist and want to turn your illustrations into a reflective sticker kit? Find out more information about collaborations and the process on our artist page.

Eberhard Schilling