The big advantage of the passivity of reflective material is the fact that it does not irritate uninvolved road users since the reflection is only visible for e.g. car drivers with their headlights switched on. Compared to phosphorescent glow-in-the-dark or LED loaden bikes you are very subtle by day and only extra visible when you need to be without distracting others.
We are using a reflective vinyl which we get manufactured here in germany. Incorporated glass beads inside reflect incoming light back to its source, just like road signs do. Due to years of experience and the right tools, we are able to alternate the raw material in order to develop new designs and meet your custom requests.
By hand! We wrap each frame manually because there is simply no other way. This includes multiple steps: Precise measuring, computing cut files, preparing bike and work environment, and last but not least steady hands and a good bit of patience.