Reflective textile stickers: Bricks

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The perfect solution for textiles

If you are looking for highly reflective stickers for textile surfaces such as backpacks, satchels, jackets or shoes, our "Textile Stickies" are the right choice. The unique material composition makes the product a universal all-rounder for all areas of application.

The highly reflective surface has reflection values that are in the high-visibility range and are therefore visible up to a distance of 250 m. The flexible fabric structure ensures that it easily adapts to soft material surfaces and moves with you. The patented adhesive film not only adheres to smooth, but also to rough textile surface material and is therefore equally suitable for outdoor clothing and accessories.

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The "Bricks" design really puts you in a good mood, as there is always a suitable shape to give your shoe, backpack or parka a reflective finish. Since most forms occur at least twice, symmetrical designs (e.g. on 2 sleeves) are also possible.

Another great side effect of the arrangement of the bricks: Our sticker sheet produces almost no waste, since all shapes are lined up seamlessly and therefore there are no gaps that end up as "negative" in the garbage during manual processing. As a result, we have less work when weeding and you have a maximum of stickers. 


1 sheet (75x110mm) with 34 individually removable stickers


Our textile stickers consist of three layers. The reflective upper 3M Scotchlite layer consists of tiny glass beads, which in turn are processed on a flexible fabric. This in turn is laminated with a PSA adhesive film, which adheres strongly to both textile and hard surfaces.

The degree of retroreflection is very high and is at least 300 cd/lux-m2. This means that the stickers are clearly visible from a long distance.

The product is certified according to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.

The stickers withstand high temperature fluctuations (-40°C - 90°C) and are weather and solvent resistant.

The thickness is around 0.2mm.


The textile stickers are simply stuck on. Ironing or sewing is not necessary. Thanks to the combination of a special adhesive film and a flexible basic structure, they adhere to both textile and solid surfaces and are therefore a universally applicable solution for better visibility in the dark.

The surface to be glued should be dry and free of grease and dust. Remove the sticker from the backing paper and then press firmly. For good adhesion it is also recommended to apply the stickers at a minimum temperature of 18°C.
The stickers can be easily removed by mechanically peeling off. Re-gluing is then no longer possible due to the reduced adhesive strength. After prolonged use, adhesive residues on the surface cannot be ruled out.


Whether the stickers survive washing machine cycles depends on several factors, in particular the surface material of the clothing and the washing program. Coated (functional) materials (e.g. water-repellent outerwear) prevent the fabric and adhesive from bonding optimally, which means that the stickers can fall off. Strong spinning and high heat in the dryer will also negatively affect the adhesion of the stickers.

Although a large number of washing tests with a wide variety of clothing items have shown positive results and little damage, machine washing of textiles with stickers is therefore not recommended in order to avoid possible disappointment and frustration.


In contrast to our regular stickers for smooth surfaces, the raw material for our textile stickers does not come from Brandenburg, but from the other side of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, there is (still) no supplier of this special material in Europe. This is also the main reason why our textile stickers are a bit more expensive in comparison.

The further processing, however, takes place as usual in Berlin, with us, our partner institutions and inclusive workshops.

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Customer Reviews

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Ina Sträter

My husband has always been on the bike as a "blind prince" because he secretly thought it was uncool to wear reflective clothing etc. to wear. I stuck the textile stickers on his backpack, which he always carries on his bike. What can I say...... now he's super visible and he thinks it's "cool".
Two thumbs up for this product. 👍👍 Thanks to Reflective Berlin, I'm more reassured now, especially in the dark season.

Daniela Ulbrich
Very good investment

The stickers are a bit pricey for the amount you get, but well worth the money. Stick really well, even on the finger when attaching XD. You can create beautiful patterns with it and it looks good even in normal light with no reflection. And the most important thing, when cycling you are seen better.

Thanks for your feedback, Daniela! ❤️

Sabrina Wipprecht
Super Product

The stickers are super easy to apply. I ordered them in black and they reflect incredibly well.
I can only recommend 👍🏻