Reflective bike frame set: Mosaic

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In 10 steps to a unique piece

With this modular sticker kit for the entire bike frame, you can transform your bike into a reflective one-off in 10 steps! Glue your own design, no matter what frame geometry your bike has, whether fixie or e-bike.

This box not only contains a technically sophisticated product, but also our accumulated wealth of experience in user-friendly product design in the form of detailed step-by-step instructions. This allows you to achieve an absolutely convincing result in a very simple way. In addition, ours will help you Video-Tutorials, which you should definitely check out before you start stitching. All you need is a pair of scissors and basic trust in your intuition.

Premium Upgrade & Additional Stripes

For particularly precise work and better access to hard-to-reach places on the frame, we recommend our premium upgrade, which includes professional tools (scalpel & squeegee) and a color-coordinated set Reflective SPOKES contains.

For example, if you own an e-bike, own a frame with a thick tube diameter, or just want to add more stickers, you can have us enclose an additional strip (similar to module A).


A box consists of several sticker sheets, which together cover a complete bicycle frame. Three wider strips (A, B, C) for the main tubes, and three pairs of strips for the fork, chainstays and rear stays (D, E, F) and one piece for the head tube (G). In addition, there are smaller patches for individual use.


The stickers consist of a reflective film from the traffic safety sector, which is used for warning markings, traffic signs and information signs outdoors. The reflective foil meets the requirements of EN12899-1 and is characterized by its durability and absolute resistance to weathering, corrosion and solvents. Temperatures from -50° to +80° Celsius do not affect the material.

The retro reflection is created by tiny glass spheres that are attached to a transparent plastic layer and reflect the light back to the source. The surface is made of alkyd resin, the adhesive is made of solvent polyacrylate. The full reflection properties are guaranteed for at least 7 years.

The printed colors are UV-resistant and scratch-resistant, i.e. no fading due to sunlight or color loss due to weather or everyday stress.

The thickness of the stickers is around 0.1mm.


Area of application for the stickers are smooth solid surfaces.
Textiles or hard foam (Urban Arrow) are not suitable as a substrate.
With the help of a transparent application film, the stickers can be detached from the carrier material and stuck either together or individually as you wish.
The substrate must be dry and free of grease and dirt particles.
The outside temperature when gluing must not fall below 10° Celsius and ideally corresponds to room temperature.
After 1-2 days, the adhesive connects to the substrate until maximum adhesion is reached. Removing the stickers turns out to be a clever fiddling around. When removing, mechanical action helps better than chemicals.


After the stickers have been properly applied, you can sit back and relax. Bad weather doesn't bother them. If it gets dirty, you can wipe the film off with water or commercially available cleaners without hesitation.


The production site for the raw material is in Brandenburg, further processing takes place in Berlin, including with the help of workshops for people with disabilities, and we take care of the shipping ourselves from our headquarters in Prenzlauer Berg. We can thus map our value chain completely regionally. It is within a 35km radius of our store.

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Tilman Engel
Old bike with a new look

Thanks to the sticker set, the old bike now shines in a new look. Gluing worked great. With the additional strips purchased, the whole frame could be equipped at all relevant points. The pasting has become almost addictive.

Not only cool optics but also safer on the way

As a cyclist in a big city where there are few bike lanes, wearing a warning vest is helpful, but the reflective stickers are really amazing and make you "VISIBLE" at night and at dusk
Above all, I would never have thought that black stickers could reflect white.
So thumbs up.
I chose the mosaic design in black because I think it is subtle.
The delivery was fast with 2 days. The pasting including previous cleaning and cutting of the parts took me about 2 hours. It sounds like a lot, but there are also many parts that are pasted.
The film consists of 3 layers.
You pull off the first white, then stick the adhesive mosaics on the frame, press them firmly and pull off the transparent film. Finished. You just have to clean it really well first. I forgot a small oily spot on the fork. Unfortunately, some mosaics came off when the transparent film was removed. But since there are some sections, I was able to touch it up easily after post-cleaning.
Even slight bends in the bicycle frame can be glued with a little skill without folding.
What is unfortunately a bit of a pity is that my lower bicycle rod is oval and a little thicker, the strip supplied is too thin here. (@Reflective.Berlin, please here if possible. Touch up and make it wider).
I got around like this: I simply halved this foil part in the middle and simply glued it to the left and right of the spar instead of in the middle from above.
With the remaining sections I stuck e.g. the chain guard, the front and rear wheel with individual mosaics, the bell and my helmet.
So I'm very happy with my result.
I think the adhesive strength is pretty good too.
I'm curious to see whether individual mosaics will come loose over time.
So far I can definitely recommend it.
Would buy again at any time.

Hey Daniel, thanks for the detailed feedback! We could have come up with the idea of halving the strip for the down tube in the middle. =) We take up the hint with the width. Great result, the 2 hours were really worth it!

Frank P.
Great idea with a great design, but with weaknesses

I shared my bike in 2 days.
Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as shown in the videos.
The biggest problem was that the film's adhesive didn't stick to the bike as well as expected. The carrier foil simply didn't want to separate with small foil sections. In my work, in switchgear construction, I also deal with this type of foil system and therefore suspect that the foil and the adhesive are starting to age. I cleaned the bike properly beforehand and also used a degreaser.
I did it, but probably only with my inside knowledge.
There is a second point of criticism. Unfortunately, the material is not enough for an e-bike. Since the frame of the bike is a bit more massive, it is difficult to do everything in a way that design and reflection can be realized within a reasonable framework.
Since design is also important to me during the day, it would be nice if there was a supplementary set available especially for e-bikes.
Despite the criticisms, I would recommend the product.
I will now first test the weather resistance and then publish an update again.
P.S.: the design was well received by my colleagues

Hello Frank!
Wow, you got a great result! We know about the complexity of the BIKE kits, so chapeau!
We use a strong adhesive application film so that the stickers can be removed more easily from the carrier film, which is why you sometimes have to fiddle a bit - especially with small sections - so that the reflective stickers don't stick to it. But we can tell you about the glue that it sets after 2-3 days and is extremely strong. You will surely notice that. In this respect, I'm not worried about the stickers if you ride them through the worst bad weather...
We'll take up the idea of the supplementary kit for flatter frames. Depending on how the need is. The basic idea was to offer a one-fits-all set that, with a little creativity, can be used on many different geometries. And you did that really well!
Thanks for the product pictures! That's exactly what we want to see!
Warm greetings,