If it weren't for capitalism (or we were the Department of Transport burning ridiculous millions of dollars) then we'd all be giving you the finest reflective accessories for free and throwing stickers around. At least we are making a start with the VISIBEE. A small start, but what was it like with the small livestock...?

Having fun with safety means having fun cycling

VEB REFLECTIVE takes care of your visibility! Free reflectors for everyone! That's it, isn't it?! It shouldn't fail because of us. But no matter how we twist and turn it, unfortunately it doesn't work out. So we offer our products under the competitive conditions of the widely vaunted market. Luckily it works, and that's why we're still around. 

Berlin BVG Fußgängerschild long exposure

Nevertheless, we are always looking for ways and means to promote our manifest concern, namely a sustainable change in urban mobility through the joy of cycling, and to make our safety-enhancing accessories accessible to as many people as possible. Because we are convinced: More fun with safety also promotes fun with cycling. 

Where are the cycling kids?

Since the bicycle is and will remain the central means of transport in the traffic turnaround, we find it extremely annoying to have to see yourself as a passive object of disruption to the dominant car traffic with your safety vest on. "Please don't run over me! Oh look, I'm neon yellow!"

As long as cyclists feel literally marginalized in traffic, it takes the hard-nosed to fight for their place on the road. Unsurprisingly, we don't like to let our kids ride bikes around town in the front lines. But should we accept the fact that urban traffic poses such an incalculable danger? Actually not, right?!

We have to stay tuned!

Luckily, there are initiatives that put their heart and soul into the long-overdue turnaround in traffic and that see the car as an obstacle on the way to a more livable city in which motorized private transport should at most be allowed to be a guest. We know that challenging established habits is like Sisyphus' work, but giving up is not an option!

Reflective VISIBEE at night

So now to the point: We would like to bring a bit of glamor to the campaign work and introduce you to our new team member called VISIBEE. Our new patron saint has made it his mission to take care of the visibility of as many road users as possible, especially the little ones among us. A dazzling companion in the dark in the form of a reflective sticker that will adorn (children's) bicycles, helmets and scooters in the future.

Free give-away to support your work

Wherever committed people work to ensure the safety of vulnerable road users, fight for a better cycling infrastructure and generally for sustainable mobility, or simply want to transform their living space ecologically, VISIBEE would like to help.

Incidentally, VISIBEE takes its job very seriously. Therefore it is not for sale! She doesn't give a damn about capitalism, but not about the visibility of you and your children.

VISIBEE Sticker Haufen

Introduce us to your campaign!

Are you planning promotions and could use a meaningful give-away? Then get in touch with us and present your initiative to us! We issue up to 50 stickers free of charge, for larger editions we ask for a cost share of 50 cents per piece. Competition will have to wait while we work on a better cityscape.


Let's bring the VISIBEE to the people and ensure more visibility in traffic! Simply submit project submissions contact@reflective.berlin.


February 23, 2021 — Eberhard Schilling

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