Two REFLECTIVE successes! In our first two REFLECTIVE workshops run at our Berlin HQ, two special bikes received two very different makeovers.


The very first sticker workshop brought a special object to our headquarters. The tandem recumbent bike that our customer Knut chose for his sticker project not only has a lot of surface area, but also plenty of angles and hard-to-reach areas. So it's best to bring a certain amount of dexterity with you. And if not, that's exactly why our Head Designer Antoine is on site to provide technical and mental support.

When choosing the design, Knut decided to create a geometric pattern and use the "Cubes" designs to for it. As the shapes can be easily aligned together, Knut was able to work his way forward piece by piece and cover large parts of his frame without having to use a complete Reflective frame set. In doing so, he also benefited from the multipack deal that we have in place precisely for such extensive projects.

The result is quite something: the black stickers are subtle on the black frame, so that the design only really catches the eye when the light hits it. As a result, the bike retains its - already very unique - character. After almost 5 hours, we had to close our doors and let Knut go, knowing that he was now ready to take his last steps without us.

#2 - Im Kleberausch




Round 2 brought Valeria and her muli into the house. On a warm summer's day, the preparatory cleaning outside in the open air was not difficult. The first big decision had to be made when it came to choosing the design. The black bike needed a bit of extra character. It had to be colourful, that much Valeria was certain.

So we grabbed various possible items from the walls until the choice landed on our latest Rombus shapes. After some initial nerves and creative process ups-and-downs, Valeria eventually got into the gluing flow.

She opted for an "Explosion-Effect" on the frame of her muli. Starting from the seat tube, the pattern continually dissolves the further it moves away from its origin. Additional reflective elements on the mudguard and fork make it a great 360° effect and round off the design.

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration


A new design almost feels like a new bike. You could definitely see the joy in Valeria's face with the new look and, above all, the fact that she created it with her own hands.

Reflective Sticker Workshop - Muli cargo bike decoration

More workshops in planning

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August 24, 2023 — Claire Tayler

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